General settings


General settings

You can display the mobile bottom menu with the help of the General Setting, which contains all the necessary options.

Enabled Button

Using the Enable button, you will be able to enable the mobile button menu on mobile devices.


It is possible to customize the background color for the mobile menu by using the background setting. For the menu, you can choose a gradient color. The direction of the gradient color can be changed. The single color will be shown if you choose both color options. Lastly, you can upload a background image to display on the menu. Different conditions can be set for your background images, such as Background Position, Background Repeat, Background Attachment, Background Size, Background Origin, Background Clip, and Background Blend Mode. It’s compatible with all mods.


A border can be set on the bottom menu of the mobile device by using the Border option.

Border radius

This feature allows you to set a radius around the mobile menu section of your website.


In order to show the perfect shadow on the menu, Shadow comes with different options to choose from. The color, the spread, the blur as well as many other things can be adjusted.


It is possible to make spacing below or above your menu by setting the offset value. In order to achieve spacing on every side of your menu, you can set a value for every side attribute.


The padding options in the menu allow you to set padding if you feel it is necessary.

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