TOP Table Of Contents >> General 

Under General, you can customize any part of the layout.


With the Width option, you can customize the width of the table of content. It is set to 100% by default.


Let’s set the margin and padding for your TOC.

Background color 

Provide the color option you are looking for.

Border | Border radius | Box Shadow

You can set the border as you wish. The Border radius option allows you to set the border radius and the Box Shadow option allows you to set the shadow. 

Sticky sidebar

The most wanted & unique features. The sticky sidebar option allows you to create a custom sidebar for TOC. You can also customize other features such as the Sticky position, Width, Slide button background color, and Slide button icon color here.

Sticky position (Pro Features)


The special TOC sidebar should appear at the position you specify. It can be displayed either to the left or to the right. Which option you choose is up to you.


This is optional, but you can specify how wide your sticky TOC should be. It will allow you to resize the TOC sidebar according to your requirements.

Slide button background color

The slide button background color is customizable and you can change the slide background color according to your theme preferences. As well as this, you can also change the icon color of the Slide button. 

Generator configuration

The generator configuration options allow modifying the TOC with some special conditions such as Show when headings exceed a certain number or declaring the Top-level heading, Heading depth, and Exclude heading.

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