Badge Depending On Condition/Variations


Badge Depending On Condition/Variations

You will find this feature under Badge Edit → Badge Conditions.

You can also show a badge depending on products “Time/Age”, “Sales Count”, “Rating”, “Stock Count”.

1. Products Newer Than

Let’s say you want to show a badge on all of those products which were published 1 hour ago or two days ago etc. You can use hour value on this field to assign a badge to those products which are posted X hour ago.

2. Sold More Than

Show badge on those products which has more than X sales.

3. Minimum Rating

Show badge on those products which have at least X rating.

4. Maximum Rating

Show badge on those products which have a maximum X rating.

5. Stock Less Than

Show badge depending on stocks. Badge will be visible across products that have less than X stocks.

Note: You can use those condition together, and badge will be visible only on those products which fulfill all the condition.

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