Creating Testimonials


Creating Testimonials

Once you click on the Add Testimonials button, you will be taken to the next page.

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Give the testimonial a name.

Testimonial Meta

Here you can include all the necessary information that usually goes on a testimonial.


Upload a picture of the person whose testimonial you are providing. 


Avatars are short/small images. The majority of templates include dual images. The first image was uploaded in the upper section in large format, while the second image is in small format. The same image can also be used as an avatar. 


Enter the name that will appear in the testimonial. 


Indicate the person’s designation


Put the description of whatever your client or customer says about you, or whatever you want to show as a compliment. 


Choose a rating for the review

Company logo

Provide a logo for the company

Social info

Include all social media links. For each social media channel, change the icon.

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