Common Questions


Common Questions

Can I get this plugin free of charge?
The plugin is completely free of charge. However, it also includes a premium version that provides even more features, such as an improved user interface, a sticky table of contents, a customization panel with a live preview, as well as many more.

Can the Plugin slow down your site significantly?
Actually, the plugin has no effect on the loading experience of your visitors.

Is the TOP Table Of Contents plugin responsive?
Yes, it works well on every smartphone, and it is fully responsive.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?
You can use it with any WordPress theme without any problems.

Can I add the TOP Table Of Content to all articles automatically?
It automatically adds the table of contents to all posts by default. By turning off the auto-insert option, you can also use the shortcode on a specific post.

What is the shortcode for inserting a TOC on any webpage?
Of course, TOC has a shortcode option for inserting. Here is it, “ [‘boomdevs_toc’] “. While inserting the shortcode, remove the sign.

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