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Subheadings contain all the settings for making any changes to subheadings.

Typography( Pro )
In order to make text easy to understand, it involves font style, appearance, structure, position letters, and text transformation.

Padding ( Pro )
The user can choose to adjust the Subheading in accordance with their preference padding (upside, downside, left, or right).

Margin ( Pro )
You can adjust the margin setting for the Subheadings according to the requirements of the user.

Border ( Pro )
According to the user’s preference, this option enables to set a border for Subheading.

Active border ( Pro )
Activate borders allow users to set a border around active Subheading.

Active border-radius ( Pro )
Allows to set the radius on the active Subheading.

Container background color ( Pro )
The Container background color can be changed with this option for the Subheading part.

Background color ( Pro )
The Subheading box’s background color is controlled by the background color setting.

Active background color ( Pro )
This option allows you to change the background color of an active Subheading. Color options such as Hover color and Active color can also be changed here.

Toggle icon( Pro )

Show toggle icon ( Pro )
If you want the toggle option to appear on the Subheading, enable the option.

Icon position ( Pro )
Place the toggle in the desired position

This section also includes the toggle icon’s active color and hover color.

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