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Meet Our Exceptional Team

Get to know the talented individuals who make up our dedicated team at BoomDevs. Our experts bring a diverse range of skills and experiences to the table, allowing us to provide innovative solutions and exceptional service to our clients. Learn more about the professionals who drive our success and your project's excellence.

Robin BoomDevs

MD Robin Islam

CEO & Founder

Shahed BoomDevs

Shahed Hossan

Managing Director (MD)

Hasib BoomDevs

Hasib Rahman

CTO & Lead Product Designer

Group 1000001988 1 BoomDevs

Farhad Hossain

Head of Marketing

Rectangle 6075 BoomDevs

MD Ahad Hossain

COO & Full Stack Developer

Group 1000001973 BoomDevs

Kafiul Islam

CFO & Mobile App Developer

Rectangle 6073 BoomDevs

Sagar Hossain

Business Development Manager

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Md Enamul Haq

Full Stack Web Developer

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Toufik Khan

UI/UX Designer

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Shamiul Bishal

Digital Marketer & SEO Analyst

noruzzaman BoomDevs

Rubel Ahmed

WordPress Developer

Group 1000001968 BoomDevs

Redwanul Haque

Full Stack Web Developer

Rectangle 6074 BoomDevs

Shiddikur Rahman

WordPress Developer

Group 1000001972 BoomDevs

Ashrafi Ar Raad

Front-End Developer

Group 1000001976 BoomDevs

Rabiul Islam

Full Stack Web Developer

Group 1000001971 BoomDevs

MD Rakib Hasan

Full Stack Web Developer

Group 1000001967 1 BoomDevs

Md Rakib Islam

Front-End Developer

Group 1000001975 BoomDevs

Rakibul Islam

Front-End Developer

Group 1000001969 BoomDevs

Nisha Jahan

Digital Marketer

Group 1000001966 1 BoomDevs

Md Abir

Video Content Creator

Group 1000001978 BoomDevs

Amir Hamja

Social Media Manager

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