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How to change

How to change author in wordpress (2023)

Changing an author in WordPress is not so tough. It is simple and easy to change but sometimes people get confused and think it would be very hard to change the author in WordPress. Through this article, I’ll show you “How to change author in wordpress” in a few easy steps. Let’s jump on it… […]

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How to claim Pinterest on WordPress

How to claim Pinterest on WordPress (2023)

Besides old traffic, Social Platforms are the best medium to bring new traffic to your WordPress website. According to Hootsuite, Pinterest is the 14th largest social media among Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc which can bring a lot of organic traffic to your website. Each month 250 million visitors come to Pinterest and 83% of visitors […]

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how to change link color in WordPress

How to change link color in WordPress (3 Easy methods)

It is no secret that colors play an important role on any website, that’s why they are referred to as marketing factors. In terms of engaging visitors to your website, it can be the best way to attract their attention. People often forget and ignore this little detail when covering other aspects of their website. […]

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How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress Menu

How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress Menu (in 2024)

For those who are new to blogging and eager to enhance their WordPress website, this article offers valuable guidance on how to add social media icons to the WordPress menu. By following the straightforward steps outlined below, you can seamlessly integrate social media icons into your WordPress menu, regardless of the theme you’ve chosen. This […]

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WordPress Max upload Size

How to Increase WordPress Max upload Size

WordPress max upload size is one of the most important settings to configure for any website or blog. It determines how large an image, video, document, etc, can be uploaded onto your WordPress site. Most of the time, the uploading size is set to a small value by default. However, it is often necessary to increase the […]

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How to Reset WordPress site

Learn How to Reset WordPress site (Easiest Method)

How to Reset WordPress site might be a common question. People get trapped in situations where they need to start over. That’s why learning how to reset the WordPress site might be a common question. Reset a WordPress site will allow you to clear any personal information that might be stored on the server, and […]

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