Do you want to grow your traffic, leads, and engagement with Best Social Content Locker Plugins for WordPress?

Many WordPress users complain that they don’t get as engagement as they expected despite remarkable content

But here is the thing: Users don’t take action without reason. You have to give reasons to acknowledge them to take action. These actions can be as mild as sharing the content, leave a comment, subscribe to your newsletter.

So What is the obvious solution? Here it comes to the social locker plugin. 

What is a Social locker plugin?

Social locker is a WordPress plugin that locks your specific part of website content that gets more share and engagement. WordPress doesn’t allow any social content locker by default but what is stopping us. WordPress developers have already created hundreds of social locker plugins for you. You might get doubtful about which one to pick for your website.

In this article, we have accumulated some of the best social content locker plugins. After long experimentation and working with those plugins we decide to put together only 7 best social locker plugin. 

Choose one that met your requirements and needs.

#1 Social Locker for WordPress- Best Social Content Locker Plugins for WordPress

Social Locker for WordPress is one of the best social locker plugins in WordPress. It enhances your social media performance that leads to more website visitors, gets more followers, share and likes.

You can lock anything you want such as articles, videos, coupons, audio, Image, download links. All you need to do is choose a specific part of your content, click the button and you are done.

This plugin not only helps you drive social traffic, builds quality fans and followers but also improves SEO ranking that matters the most.

The plugin delivers you all influential social networks in the same interface. You can use them individually for customized results.

It also has sign-in buttons that help you collect emails from your visitors. If you want to convert visitors into subscribers, this plugin is a must for you.

Instead of asking liking and sharing, you can ask them to sign in through social networks so they can access your content.

The social locker plugin comes with analytics tools to track all the things users do.

There are a lot of things you can do with this social locker plugin for WordPress such as integrated with google analytics so that you can see that data from google analytics account.

#2 Social share and locker pro- Best Social Content Locker Plugins for WordPress

Social share and locker pro is a WordPress plugin that concentrates on social sharing. It has more than 60 + sharing networks so that you can maximize your social share and get more social traffic. 

It has great customization options. You can customize anything as you wish. 

Just like a Social locker for WordPress, You can lock precise content and generate leads.

Social share and locker pro are very easy to use. So if you want a very modest but powerful social locker, the plugin is most suitable for you.

#3 Opt-in Panda WordPress

Opt-in panda WordPress plugin is convenient if you want to grow Email subscribers from your website. This Best Social Content Locker Plugins for WordPress also helps you lock a particular portion of your website content. 

But if you want to generate leads from your website, it may not be the best social locker plugin.

It has features that you use to include single opt-in, as well as double, opt-in to collect the user email address. You can also integrate this plugin with popular email service providers like Mailchimp, Aweber, Active Campaign. You can also display social login options that support most of the popular social networks

#4 Opt-in content locker for WordPress

Opt-in Content locker does pretty same things as other plugins do. But what makes it unique is Customization. This Best Social Content Locker plugin has over 60+ social options that you can utilize to customize the look and feel. 

The content locker might look and feel a bit of wicked but you can optimize your content locker that looks professional.

The best part is this plugin supports all the most popular email marketing services. It is caching friendly and works seamlessly in all devices.

#5 Content Locker pro

Content Locker pro has a lot of useful options and characteristics to help you improve your social traffic and share counts.

You will also get access to a lot of configuration options with a lot of advanced lock options.

For the free version, You will get 15+ impressive locker designs. Eight designs for signs in lockers and 8 for the social locker.

There is a lot of stuff in this Content Locker pro-like performance tracker, Ajax loading, terms, and privacy showing delayed content locking and much more.

#6 Locker Cat

Are you searching for a social locker that is extremely user-friendly, then Locker cat is for you.

You can hide all of the contents like Videos, Download links, Images. You need to use shortcodes to warp your content. It’s super simple to implement on your website.

The main thing is you can use it for free. therefore it lacks many advanced features. It only supports only two social networks – Facebook and Twitter.

Locker Cat is super Seo friendly and very lightweight so it doesn’t affect your SEO. It keeps content visible to Google so that your SEO score is not compromised.

#7 Donation Content Locker

Donation content locker is a plugin that allows you to earn money from your user. It hides all the precious content on your website until your user donates. This plugin also works by shortcodes. 

You just need to wrap the precious content with shortcodes and then the content locker does the rest.

There are five content gateway options including PayPal. The visitor of your website can donate any amount of money to view this content but you can set a minimum amount.

Do you like any other Content Locker plugin?

So these our best picks from hundreds of Best Social Content Locker Plugins for WordPress. I hope you found this article very helpful. If so help me share this post on your social media. This way your friend also gets clarifications.

If you are using any of the plugins we have mentioned above, don’t forget to comment below. I would love to hear from you which also helps your fellow reader.

Or if you have any problem regarding Social content locker, feel free to comment below, I eagerly waiting for answer your comment.

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