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Unleash Creativity with Limitless Customization

Revamp your mobile's bottom menu by tweaking its settings to match the website's vibe. With options to adjust colors, fonts, and styles, give your menu a personalized touch.

Unleash Creativity with Limitless Customization​ BoomDevs
Modernize Menu Item With Trendy Icons BoomDevs

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Modernize Menu Item With Trendy Icons

Spice up menu with stunning icons that match your style. Keep up with the latest trends using hundreds of pre-made icons, or get creative with custom SVGs to add a unique flair to your design.

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Enhanced Mega Menu

Maximize your menu potential with Enhanced Mega Menu. With endless options and submenu features, it's ideal. And with its easy-to-use search tool, finding what you need is a breeze

Enhanced Mega Menu BoomDevs

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Woocommerce Cart Support

Empower your customers with real-time cart updates and totals, all from your mobile menu. Encourage them to shop with confidence and convenience.

Woocommerce Cart Support BoomDevs
Role Based Menu Control BoomDevs

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Role-Based Menu Control

Improve your site's access control with role-based menu mastery. Easily restrict access to menu items for specific user roles with our advanced Hide/Show Menu Condition Manager.

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Stunning Premade Designs

Saves time and effort in designing the menu from scratch, and allows for a visually appealing menu that enhances the user experience.

premade design 1 BoomDevs
premade design 2 BoomDevs
premade design three BoomDevs
premade design 4 BoomDevs

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Live Customizer

You should be preparing yourself to sell your products while we design & develop instead of wasting your time testing for bugs. With our in-house Q/A team we take full responsibility for delivering 100% bugless products saving your precious time.

Live Customizer BoomDevs

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AMP Ready

Reaching a wider audience has never been simpler. Get ready to reach new heights with the user-friendly menu interface that is unique and easy to navigate, along with seamless AMP compatibility.

AMP BoomDevs

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Facebook Instant Article ready

Say goodbye to menu glitches on Facebook Instant Articles. Mobile menu now can be perfectly optimized and work correctly on Facebook Instant Articles.

Facebook Instant Article ready BoomDevs
Seamless Integration BoomDevs

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Seamless Integration

No more compatibility issues to worry about, It lets your website shine without a doubt and ensures that the plugin is compatible with popular WordPress themes to avoid compatibility issues.

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Image selection for menu backgrounds
Multiple Customization Options for Menu
Unlimited number of grids for Menu
Icon Customization
Multiple options for text visibility
Text Customization Setting
Submenu Support
Various Submenu Customization
Customizing the submenu Icon
Multiple options for submenu text visibility
Submenu Text Customization Setting
Child menu support
Various Child menu Customization
Customizing the Child menu Icon
Search Box Custom Icon support
Multiple options for Child menu text visibility
Child menu Text Customization Setting
Multiple premade menus demo
Import demo with one click
Custom Link Support
Menu Items With Trendy Icons
Search Box Option
Background color customization option
Unlimited colors & Typographies
Woocommerce Cart Support
AMP Ready
Facebook Instant Article ready
Icon Support
Search Box Background Customization
Compatible with any thems
SEO friendly
Well, documentation and support.
Compatible with all major browsers
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Check out the most commonly asked questions below and find the information you need to make a confident decision.

How can I customize colors & size?

WP BNav Settings >> General settings can be used to customize colors & size.

WP BNav Settings >> Main menu can be used to customize menu.

Yes, it’s totally free.

In reality, The plugin does not affect your website loading speed.

Yep, it’s fully responsive and works great.

Of course, it works with every WordPress theme.

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Documentation and support forum

We have a dedicated documentation page and support forum to help you to use the WP Mobile Bottom Menu Plugin.

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