Are you frustrated with the long process of changing avatars in WordPress? Are you looking for a new way to change your profile picture easily? You’re in the right spot. This article will show you a new, simple method to switch your profile picture without sticking to the old WordPress Gravatar way. Keep reading to learn “how to Change Your wordpress  profile picture without using Gravatar” and you can quickly give your profile a new look that matches your style or brand better.

What’s Gravatar?

Gravatar stands for “Globally Recognized Avatar.” is a free service that allows you to create a global avatar. This avatar can be used on various websites, including WordPress. 

What’s Gravatar?

It’s like a special profile picture that follows you around on the internet. When you leave comments or post on websites like WordPress, your Gravatar picture shows up next to your name.

It’s a cool way to have the same picture of yourself on lots of different sites without having to set it up each time. This makes it easier for people to recognize you online, whether you’re blogging, commenting, or participating in online discussions.

Why do people use Gravatar?

Gravatar stands for “Globally Recognized Avatar.” It’s like a special picture that represents you on the internet. People use Gravatar because it makes things easier. Once you set up your picture with Gravatar, you can use the same picture everywhere on the internet without having to upload it again and again. It helps other people recognize you by your picture, making it easier to make friends or have conversations online

Why do people use Gravatar?

Generally, the primary reason for using Gravatar in WordPress is that it’s the default method for updating profile pictures, There aren’t other choices, so everyone ends up using Gravatar for their picture.

How to Change Your WordPress  Profile Picture Without Using Gravatar [Step-by-Step]

Now that we’ve talked about why changing your WordPress profile picture can be a good idea, let’s dive into how you can do it. You don’t need to use Gravatar to change your picture. There are two easy ways to do it without Gravatar. Let’s check them out. These methods are;

  • Changing the profile picture with plugin
  • Changing the profile picture without  plugin

Let’s start with the first method. We begin with the first method because it involves using a plugin, which is simple and doesn’t require technical skills. Plugins are user-friendly and offer easy ways to change your profile picture without using Gravatar. They often come with extra features, making the process more convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

Changing The Profile Picture With Plugin

If you want to change your picture on your WordPress site, using a plugin is a really easy way to do it. One of the best plugins for this job is called Swiss Toolkit. What’s Swiss Toolkit? It’s a tool that helps you do lots of things on your website, and we’ll talk more about it in a bit.

But first, let’s focus on how you can use a plugin to upload a new avatar. You’ll need to know how to locate, install, activate, and then use the plugin to change your website’s profile picture. Follow this step-by-step guide to make the process smooth.

Step 1: Installing and Turning On the Plugin

  • First, go to your WordPress dashboard, then click on “Plugins” and choose “Add New.”
  • Type “Swiss Toolkit” into the search box and press enter.
  • Look for Swiss Toolkit in the search results and click “Install Now.”
  • Once it’s installed, click on “Activate” to start using the plugin.
How to Change Your WordPress  Profile Picture Without Using Gravatar

Step 2: Enabling Avatar Upload Option

  1. After activating the Swiss Toolkit plugin, return to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Look for “Swiss Toolkit” in the menu on the left side and click on it.
  3. Go to the plugin’s settings and find the option to enable avatar uploading Switch this option to “on.”
  4. Save the changes to apply the settings.
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Step 3: Uploading Your Avatar

  1. Now that you’ve turned on the option to upload avatars, go to your website’s dashboard.
  2. Find your avatar, which is at the top corner (either right or left) of the page.
  3. Click on it and choose “Edit Profile” from the menu that appears.
  4. This action will direct you to your user dashboard. Keep scrolling down until you see the “Change Avatar” option.
  5. Hit the “Upload” button and pick the picture you’d like for your avatar from the files on your device.
  6. After selecting your picture, press the “Save Changes” button to update your avatar.
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This method allows you to effortlessly update your profile picture on WordPress without needing Gravatar, giving you the flexibility to change it whenever you wish with ease. For an even smoother and more convenient WordPress experience, the Swiss Toolkit Plugin could be your ideal choice. It combines the most practical features needed for various tasks, all in one package.

Why the Swiss Toolkit is the optimal choice for updating your profile picture without using Gravatar

I chose the Swiss Toolkit because it is an all-in-one solution WordPress Plugin. it’s not just about uploading pictures, it serves multiple purposes as a plugin, offering us various benefits. which we’ll talk about below.

The toolkit allows for easy uploading and changing of images, which is essential for our tutorial.

Swiss Toolkit which is created by BoomDevs is a multi-purpose plugin. So it has many features. such as Insert Header & Footer [ Easily add your text or code to the top or bottom of your website], Post/Page Duplicator[Quickly duplicate any page or post on your website], Change Login URL [Customize the login page URL to enhance security and user accessibility.], Maximum Upload Size [Enhance the maximum file size limit for uploads, enabling seamless sharing of larger images or files].

It helps you do lots of things without needing a bunch of different tools and plugins. This reduces plugin overload in WordPress

It has an extremely important feature, Quick Settings Search, that lets you easily find all WordPress settings. This feature saves time and makes managing your site more efficient.,

With these features, the Swiss Toolkit simplifies the management of your WordPress site, allowing you to focus on creating and sharing content without getting bogged down by technical tasks.

Without plugin 

Another option for WordPress users who want to update their avatar without using Gravatar is to use custom code. This approach lets you upload a profile picture directly to your website. If this sounds like a good solution for you, here’s a straightforward guide. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Step1: Image Creation & Upload

  • To change avatar with custom code you have to make an image of 250×250 px.
  • Then you have to upload it on your website (media > Add New Media  option). 
  • Once the image is uploaded, click on edit option.
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Step2: Copy Code & Paste 

  • Once you have click on edit option, a new will will open and you will get a file URL there.
  • Copy the file erl and save it.
DexQKZi RrQlZGfE4P8qDpPWspRjS1WxTUzJ1n9msORkgI2WQFHsIjEDiCmlYinr ipwBs2i 7ULXa 6Qft8eiPCIERx1N2tSh vDkD8NSmXlLrUrxvPU2Toi mUo BZwH9jlrCtlIYQM2Su4WYh7d4 BoomDevs

Step 3: Upload File URL in Function.php

  • Go to Appearance=> Theme File Editor. Here you will get an option names function.php at the right side.
  • Scroll down at the end
  • Click on it and paste the code below. 
add_filter( 'avatar_defaults', 'wpb_new_gravatar' );

function wpb_new_gravatar ($avatar_defaults) {

$myavatar = 'your_image_url';

$avatar_defaults[$myavatar] = "Default Gravatar";

return $avatar_defaults;


Copy the Image URL from the uploaded profile picture and paste it instead of ‘your_image_url’

Click on Update and close it

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Step 4: Select the Default Avatar option

Once you have successfully upload the file URL on function.php opinion, you have to select the Default avatar option. 

  • Go to the Settings > Discussion option 
  • Scroll down and you will get all the default avatars. (if it is not check the “Show Avatar option from above”)
  • Enable the Default Gravatar option.
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Your custom avatar should now be visible on your WordPress blog

Why Profile Picture Are Important for Your Website

Profile Picture are like digital pictures that represent users and help establish a strong brand identity all over the world. You’ve probably seen them on websites, social media, and other places online. They’re really important for websites because they let you make your online presence more personal and show off your personality or brand. Plus, they have a bunch of other important jobs when it comes to communicating online and showing who you are.

Here’s why having avatars on websites is so important:

Personalization and Branding: Profile picture help make user communication more personal and show off your brand.

Engaging Users: Adding your profile Picture can make your website more interesting and get users more involved because they can see who’s talking or commenting.

Identifying Users: Profile Picture make it easy to tell who’s who, so users can recognize each other more easily. And you can make your avatar special and unique to you.

Building Trust: A professional-looking picture makes your website or business seem more trustworthy and reliable.

Showing Who You Are: Profile picture lets you express your identity online. You can have different avatars for different parts of your website or business to show off different sides of yourself.

Overall, profile picture are super important for making your website stand out and making sure people know who you are.             

Tips for Great Profile Pictures

Choosing the right profile picture for your online accounts is super important because it’s usually the first thing people see. Here are some simple tips to make yours stand out: Make sure your picture is bright and clear so everyone can see your face easily. Try to smile or look friendly to make a good impression. Use a simple background so you’re the main focus. Dress nicely or in a way that fits where you’re using the picture, like professional clothes for LinkedIn or something more casual for Facebook. It’s also a good idea to update your picture now and then to keep things fresh. Following these easy tips can help make your profile picture look great and help people remember you online

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I change my WordPress profile picture without using Gravatar?

A: Yes, you can change your WordPress profile picture without relying on Gravatar by using plugins that allow you to upload a picture directly from your computer or by using a custom code solution.

Q2: What plugins can I use to change my profile picture?

A: There are several plugins available for this purpose, such as “WP User Avatar” (also known as “ProfilePress”), Swiss Toolkit, “Simple Local Avatars”, or “Avatar Manager”. These plugins let you easily upload and manage your profile picture directly within WordPress.

Q3: How do I install a plugin for profile pictures?

A: To install a plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Plugins” > “Add New”, and search for the plugin by name. Once you find it, click “Install Now” and then “Activate.

Q4: How do I upload a new profile picture using a plugin?

A: After installing a profile picture plugin, go to your user profile in the WordPress dashboard. You’ll see an option to upload a new picture. Click on this option, select the image file from your computer, and save your changes.

Q5: Is there a way to change my profile picture without a plugin?

A: Yes, if you’re comfortable with code, you can add custom code to your theme’s functions.php file to add this functionality. However, this method is recommended for advanced users or developers.

Q6: Will changing my profile picture without Gravatar affect my site’s performance?

A: Changing your profile picture with a plugin or custom code should not significantly impact your site’s performance. However, it’s always a good idea to optimize images for the web to ensure they load quickly.

Q7: Can I use any image as my profile picture?

A: Yes, you can use any image, but it’s best to choose one that represents you or your brand well. Make sure the image is clear and appropriately sized for the web.

Q8: How often should I update my WordPress profile picture?

A: There’s no set rule for how often you should update your profile picture. However, keeping it up-to-date can help make your profile feel more personal and relatable.

Q9: Will my new profile picture show up everywhere on my WordPress site?

A: Your new profile picture will show up in any place on your site that uses the WordPress user avatar function, including comments and author bios, assuming your theme supports these features.

Q10: What should I do if my profile picture isn’t updating?

A: If your new profile picture isn’t showing, try clearing your browser cache and checking if the plugin you’re using requires any additional settings to be configured. If issues persist, consult the plugin’s support forum for help.


Giving people the option to pick their own picture for your website means they can make it more personal. They won’t have to stick with the same picture they use on other sites.. It also means they don’t have to stick with the same picture they use everywhere else, like with Gravatar. Swiss Toolkit for WP  is a handy plugin that makes this whole process really simple. It even lets you swap out the basic, default picture for something more unique, and that’s a pretty cool feature on its own. I’ve tried Swiss toolkit for WP and found it super easy to use. It’s a tool I’d recommend if you’re looking to give your visitors the option to customize their profile picture or if you’re thinking of changing the default picture to something more interesting. We’re curious to know your thoughts. Have you given Swiss Toolkit try? Please share your experience in the comments. 

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