“List Style” some design optimizations

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Hi there,
one more time: thank you very much for this great Plugin!

I have another (design) question:
You offer the possibility to choose a “list sytle” with “numeric” or “disc”.
This is great, but would be also possible add more Symbols like this one “❯”

And one additional question to the listings.
Would it be possible to make the design a little bit nicer when you have longer headlines with 2 rows.
When there are two rows there should be a indent of the secons row and the list style should be centered with both rows.

This is just like Elementor is implementing their TOC what makes it a lot nicer in terms of layout/design but also in usability.

would be great if you think about this for the next updates.

best wishes!


Dear sir,

Regarding your inquiry, I regret to inform you that the first feature you mentioned is not currently supported by our plugin. However, we are actively considering its incorporation in an upcoming update.

For the second feature, a few lines of CSS code will suffice. Please utilize the following code snippet:


.bd_toc_container .bd_toc_wrapper .bd_toc_content.list-type-disc ul li a:before {
top: calc(50% – 3px);

Thank you for your understanding. We eagerly await your feedback.

Best regards,

Shamiul Bishal

Allright, thank you very much.
I will try this and wait that you perhaps implement also the other feature with the individual list style.
Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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