Badge Priority / Sold Less Than

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We are seeing some products have two separate badges applied twice.

If I setup a Coming Soon badge, and have it based on multiple conditions: Products Newer Than X Hours, and Stock less than 1.
Then, if I have an Out Of Stock badge, that is setup based on multiple conditions: Sold more than 1, Stock less than 1.

What we are seeing happen is some products that have sold before but are out of stock are showing BOTH the Coming Soon Badge and the Out of Stock Badge.

It would be beneficial to have the option to:
Prioritize badges, so they apply in order.
Allow badges to be specifically set as combined to show one or more on a single product; else only display one badge.
I believe a solve for my specific issue could be to have a setting that is Sold less than. This sould allow my previously sold products to NOT display the Coming Soon Badge, is Coming Soon is set to Sold less than 1.

If you have a separate configuration recommendation for this, please advise.
We do not manage badges at the product level, because we want them automated based on inventory levels.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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