WordPress is the most popular Content management system in the world. For its popularity, hackers are interested in stealing WordPress based websites. That’s why we require to protect our website. So the question is, how can you secure your website?

So, Here it comes to Best WordPress security plugins. If you want to secure your website, you must need an Outstanding security plugin that helps you prevent hacking your website.

In this post, We pick up some of the best WordPress plugins that help you protect your website.

Let’s start

#1 Wordfence -One Of The Best WordPress Security Plugins

Wordfence -One Of The Best WordPress Security Plugins

Wordfence is one of the best free security plugins that running over three million websites. It has some neat security features that you can use without paying any dime. 

Wordfence allows you to use this plugin on as many sites as you desire. Here are the main things: It protects you from brute force attacks by limiting failed attempts. It also tracks and alerts you when they find any vulnerability on your website.

Wordfence monitors all kinds of stuff, such as real-time, Ip address, time of day when they attack your website, and time spent on your website. Instead of cloud, It runs on your server. So it could slow your site. This is the only cons we find with this plugin. 

#2 Sucuri – Best WordPress Security Plugins

Sucuri - Best WordPress Security Plugins

Its wildly popular Security plugin. Sucuri is active on 600000 websites. It offers you a bunch of security features. If your websites get malware attacks, it cleans up your sites without charge.

It has firewall protection that helps you block brute force and malicious attacks. It lets you audit malware scanning. It also keeps track of everything on your sites such as file changes, last logins, and failed logins. It helps you improve your server load time by blocking malicious traffic.

Sucuri protects your website against SQL injections, XSS, and all attacks.

Pro version of this security plugin cost you $299/year. But the free version is enough for you if you have a small website.

#3 Jetpack Security

Jetpack Security-Best WordPress Security Plugins

Another great all in one security plugin is Jetpack Security that is using Over five million people. This well-known plugin allows you to scan your website for security vulnerabilities.

Jetpack security plugin alerts you when they detect any issue on your website and protects your website from brute force attacks, threatening malware attacks. The bizarre feature of this plugin is that it backup your website and restore anytime when you want.

It is automatically filtering spam comments and provides secure authentication via WordPress account. It also organizes event dashboard and site activity and keeps your WordPress plugin automatically updated.

The problem is the free version has limited functionality. If you want to use this plugin, you need to use the premium version. Jetpack’s basic plan costs you $9. 

#4. iThemes Security Pro plugin

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Have you heard about the Popular BackupBuddy plugin? BackUpbuddy and iThemes Security PRO are from the same company. All of their tools are easy to use and have a clean interface.

iThemes Security pro provides you 30+ ways to secure your website. That’s why it has over 900,000 active installations.

It has two-factor authentication for extra security, robust password enforcement, and 404 detections and plugin scan.

It also has schedules backup. If your site has any vulnerabilities, it locks out suspicious id and notifies you to send an email.

Although it hasn’t a website firewall or malware scanner, they use security’s malware scanner.

#5. Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof security plugin doesn’t look cool, but it gives you some basic security features for absolutely free.

The main reason we featured this on our list is that it has an easy-to-use setup wizard.  

The main feature of this plugin:

  1. It backup your Database
  2. Scanning malware 
  3. Backup Database
  4. Get notified when hacker trying to hack your website

Bulletproof Security plugin is free to use. If you are a beginner in WordPress, I recommend you try this Security plugin because it is easy to use, as I said earlier. 

#6. All in one WP Security & Firewall

All in one WP Security & Firewall

This security plugin is pretty basic, although it is easy to use. It is active on 80,000 websites, so it is a pretty popular plugin. 

Like many other plugins, It has some basic features. It scans your website for checking malicious attacks and filter IP to block suspicious Ip.

It also locks down login after failed login attempts, and you can view a list of blocked users where you can also unlock IP with a click. It has password generating tools that allow you to create strong passwords. It lets manually blacklist suspicious IP addresses. 

#7. Google authenticator

Google authenticator

Google authenticator lets you set up two-factor authentication for extra security layers that help you to keep your website secure. 

Most security plugins have not two-factor authentication. That’s why we Feature this plugin.

It offers shortcodes so that you can use any page you want. You will also pick which type of two-factor authentication you wish to use. It has a simple interface and features and is pretty easy to use.

#Winner – Best WordPress Security plugin

Which plugin do you want to choose? If you are looking for all in one and robust security plugin, It is pretty obvious which one you choose

Undoubtedly, Our pick for the best WordPress security plugin goes to Sucuri. It has all the features you need to protect your website. 

If you haven’t already used any plugin, we highly recommend you to pick the Sucuri. Their free version provides you so many security features that many paid versions give you. Start with Sucuri free version as soon as possible. And if needed, you can move into paid versions, but in the paid version, you can get the most benefit.

So I would like to hear from you. Which plugin have you decided to use? Is it Sucuri or another plugin?

Leave a comment below right now and if you have any questions, feel free to share with us, we immediately respond. 

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