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7 Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin For Speeding up (2023)

Best Wordpress Image Optimizer Plugin

7 Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin For Speeding up (2023)

Are you looking for the best WordPress Image optimizer plugin to speed up your WordPress website?

An Image compression plugin offers you an excellent way to fix your site speed. A useful image optimizer can compress 50% of your images original file size. So finding an excellent Image compressor plugin can make a positive impact on your website.

In this article, we are going to discover the Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin. We just don’t review all those Image optimizer plugins for the shake of writing. We will be going to reveal actual results from AThemes. You can also check out of their post here so that you can pick the best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin.

In this article, we feature some of the free and paid image optimizer plugins. We will test both JPEG and PNG images. We will check all plugins with the same model so that we can find actual results. So let’s begin.

#1. ShortPixel – Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin

ShortPixel - Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin

Shortpixel is a famous freemium image optimizer. It has 200,000 active installations. It is easy to use, stable and lightweight plugin.

With ShortPixel, you can optimize pdf and past images. It compresses and resizes your images automatically. It resizes images based on each user’s device. Let’s say, someone in a retina device will get high-quality images while someone on a mobile device will get low-quality images.

Shortpixel is very easy to use. After installing and activating short pixel, you’ll need to put your email address to generate an API key. Once you validate the API key, you are set to use.


Compression Test Max Lossy Lossless

276 KB

80 KB

212 KB


Shortpixel grants you a limited monthly plan for free. You can optimize 100 images per month with no size limits. So if you don’t need to optimize more than 100 copies, Free plan is enough for you.

After that, You need to purchase the most affordable monthly plan for $4.99 for up to 5000 images, or you can try one-off image optimization credits, and the most affordable one-time package is $9.99 for $10000 images


Kraken is one of the plugins that have a web version. The web version is more popular than the plugin version. It has a 40000 active installation in the WordPress directory. It is a simple plugin though it lacks some of the advanced features such as there is no WebP images support.

To get started with Kraken, you need to generate API keys. After that, you need to configure some settings.


Compression Test Max Lossy Lossless
JPG 246 KB

276 KB

212 KB


Kraken just gives you 100 MB credit for free. After that, you need to pay $5 per month for 500 MB of images, and you can go up from here.

#3. Smush

Smush is one of the most popular WordPress image optimizer

Smush is one of the most popular WordPress image optimizer plugins that are running on one million websites. 

It is so popular because it allows you to optimize countless images for free using smush servers. You can’t find this kind of free plugin anymore. They are pretty generous though there are some frontiers on this plugin.

It lets you bulk optimize 50 images at the same time. It has lazy load options and can automatically resize image dimensions.

There is no API key in Smush. So you just need to install and active this plugin. After activating, they give you a clean setup interface to configure the settings.


Compression Test Max Lossy Lossless

276 KB

212 KB


The free versions let you optimize unlimited images. So for lossless compression, this one is the best.

However, if you want to lose optimization and other paid features, it seems a little expensive. You will need to pay $49 per month with WPMU DEV membership but has a high value ( you’ll get WPMU DEV’S all plugin)

#4. Imagify

Imagify Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin

More than 300000 users use Imagify Compress plugin. It’s a freemium image optimization plugin. It is created by renowned developers who develop Wp rocket plugin.

It automatically compresses images in three different ways. It also creates WepP images and serves a browser that supports WebP. If you want to backup your original photos, you can also do this with the plugin. 


Compression Test Max Lossy Lossless
JPG 178 KB

276 KB
PNG 38 KB*

212 KB


Imagify provides you 25 MB total per month for free. So if you have to optimize small images, Imagify free plan is enough for you. After that, You can purchase monthly plans or one time plans. You can get 1 GB for 4.99$ for the basic plan and also it is the cheapest monthly plan.

You can also get 500 MB of images if you buy a one-time offer. It cost you $5.99 $

#5. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer

Unlike ShortPixel and Imagify, EWWW Image Optimizer It uses your server to optimize the images. That’s why it is free for unlimited uses, but it is also using your own server. It has 700000 active installations

This plugin also gives you the options to connect with API. It optimizes JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF. It also automatically resizes your image to maximum dimensions.


Compression Test Max Lossy Lossless

276 KB
PNG 80 KB*

212 KB


EWWW image optimizer plugin is completely free for unlimited usage.

If you want to connect to the cloud optimization service for compression, CDN and want to all the compression methods, you only need to pay. You can Compress 3000 images for only $9. So every image cost you $0.0003

#6. WP Compress

WP compress Image Optimizer

Wp Compress is a pretty latest Image optimizer plugin. It has only 1000+ installations. It’s an excellent plugin, that’s why we highlight this plugin in this list. 

Wp Compress offers generous pricing. It has an excellent design interface, and it provides you with three different compression- two lossy and one lossless.

Like all other plugins, you’ll need to add your API key to the plugin to start

After activating this plugin, either you can begin with plugins recommended settings or configure things yourself.


Compression Test Max Lossy Lossless
JPG 125 KB

276 KB

212 KB


Wp optimizes free plan gives you 100 images to compress. After that, the paid plan starts with $5 for up to 1000 images. Their pricing system is unique. They cant count each thumbnail size as a separate image, but all other plugins do

#7. TinyPNG ( Compress JPEG & PNG images)

TinyPNG ( Compress JPEG & PNG images)

This plugin automatically optimizes your images to connect your WordPress site to the tiny PNG and TinyJPG services. 

Install and activate this plugin, and then you need to add your API key to get started. 

From their dashboard, you can customize TinyPNG settings.


Compression Test Max Lossy Lossless
JPG 144 KB

276 KB

212 KB


TinyPNG lets you compress 500 images per month. After that, you need to pay based on your usage. You need to pay $0.0009/image for the first 10000. After that, it decreases per image $0.0002.

#What is the image optimizer you want to choose?

We do our research and decision is yours. To make it easier, here is the full table.

JPG LossyJPG LosslessPNG LossyPNG Lossless
ShortPixel80 KB276 KB80 KB215 KB
Imagify178 KB276 KB38 KB212 KB
EWWW Image OptimizerN/A276 KB80 KB212 KB
Kraken246 KB274 KB73 KB209 KB
SmushN/A289 KBN/A272 KB
WP Compress125 KB240 KB34 KB50 KB
TinyPNG144 KBN/A72 KBN/A

Now, I would like to hear from you which plugin you want to choose? Is it ShortPixel or another one?

Let me know leave a comment below and if you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comment and I am waiting for your questions.

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