Ready to level up your WooCommerce store? Adding attention-grabbing badges to your products is a smart move that can boost sales. While WooCommerce doesn’t have built-in badge features, don’t worry! There are plugins available to help. Explore the ‘Best Product Badge Plugins For WooCommerce’ to create and customize badges effortlessly, highlighting your best deals and newest products.

From showing discounts to highlighting special offers, badges make your store look more professional. In this guide, we’ll check out the top WooCommerce badge plugins. Whether you’re new to online selling or a pro, finding the right badge plugin can make your store stand out. Let’s dive in and find the perfect badge plugin for your store.

What are Product Badge Plugins?

Product badge plugins are indispensable tools for e-commerce platforms, serving a dual purpose of enhancing product visibility and appealing to potential customers. Seamlessly integrated into online stores, these plugins empower administrators to assign badges like “Best Seller,” “New Arrival,” or “Limited Edition” based on diverse criteria such as sales performance, release date, or inventory status. By strategically leveraging these badges, businesses can effectively highlight key selling points, creating a compelling narrative around their products to attract customer attention and drive higher conversion rates.

The influence of badges on customer behavior and sales is profound. When shoppers encounter badges like “Best Seller” or “New Arrival,” it triggers a sense of curiosity and urgency, compelling them to explore or purchase highlighted products promptly. This psychological effect plays a pivotal role in guiding consumer decisions and driving sales momentum. By strategically placing badges, businesses can capitalize on this behavioral phenomenon, directing customer attention towards specific products and ultimately increasing sales volume and revenue.

Moreover, product badge plugins offer user-friendly interfaces and customizable options, empowering online retailers to optimize their product presentation strategies. With intuitive controls and flexible features, administrators can effortlessly manage and update badges across their product catalog, ensuring relevance and effectiveness over time. By harnessing the power of product badge plugins, businesses can not only enhance their online storefronts but also cultivate trust and credibility with shoppers, fostering long-term customer relationships and sustainable growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

What to Consider in a WooCommerce Badge Plugin?

When you’re picking a WooCommerce Badge Management Plugin, it’s important to look for certain things to make sure it does what you need it to. Here are some features to check for:

  1. Customization Options: Make sure the plugin lets you change how your badges look. You should be able to pick colors, sizes, and where they go on your products so they match your store’s style.
  2. Different Badge Types: Look for a plugin that supports different kinds of badges. You might want badges for products that are on sale, new in your store, or really popular. Having options helps you highlight different things about your products.
  3. Smart Badge Display: A good plugin will let you decide when badges show up. You might only want them on certain kinds of products or when they meet certain conditions, like being in a specific category or having a certain tag.
  4. Where Badges Go: Check if the plugin gives you choices about where badges show up on your product pages. It’s important that they look good and fit with how your store is set up.
  5. Works on Mobile: Since lots of people shop on their phones, make sure the plugin works well on mobile devices. You want your badges to show up right no matter what device someone is using.

By thinking about these things when you’re picking a badge plugin, you can find one that works well for your store and helps you show off your products in the best way possible.

Importance of Product Badge Plugins in WooCommerce

Product badge plugins are essential tools for any online store using WooCommerce. They play a vital role in improving the overall appearance and credibility of your store’s products. Essentially, these plugins allow you to add badges or labels to your products, serving as visual cues that help highlight key information and attract the attention of potential customers.

Imagine you’re walking through a crowded market. What catches your eye first? It’s usually the colorful signs or labels that stand out, right? Well, that’s exactly what product badges do for your online store. They make your products pop and draw people in.

Now, let’s break down why these badges are so important:

  1. Grab Attention: In a sea of products, you want yours to stand out. Product badges help you do just that by grabbing the attention of shoppers browsing your store. Whether it’s a “featured” badge on a new product or an “on sale” badge on a discounted item, these visual cues help direct people’s focus to the products you want to highlight.
  1. Provide Quick Information: Shoppers are often looking for specific information about a product before making a purchase. Product badges serve as a quick way to convey important details at a glance. For example, a “new” badge lets shoppers know that a product is a recent addition to your store, while a “bestseller” badge indicates popularity among other customers.
  1. Facilitate Decision Making: In today’s fast-paced world, people appreciate anything that makes their decision-making process easier. Product badges help streamline this process by providing relevant information upfront. When shoppers see a “limited time offer” badge, they know they need to act quickly if they want to take advantage of the deal.
  1. Customization Options: One of the great things about product badge plugins is that they offer customization options. This means you can tailor the badges to match your store’s branding and design aesthetics. Whether you want to change the color, size, or style of the badges, these plugins give you the flexibility to make them your own.

Overall, product badge plugins are a valuable asset for any WooCommerce store. They not only make your products more visually appealing but also help streamline the shopping experience for your customers. By using these plugins strategically, you can effectively drive sales and grow your online business.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Product Badge Plugins

Choosing the right product badge plugins for your online store is crucial for making your products stand out and attracting customers. Here are some important things to consider that even someone new to e-commerce can understand.

Compatibility with WooCommerce: If you’re using WooCommerce to run your online store, you need to make sure that the badge plugin you choose works smoothly with it. This compatibility ensures that the badges you apply to your products show up correctly and don’t cause any technical issues.

Customization Options: It’s essential to have the flexibility to customize your badges to match your store’s style and branding. Look for plugins that offer various options for changing the badge’s appearance, like colors, shapes, and sizes. This way, you can make sure the badges complement your website’s design and catch the attention of your customers.

Performance and Speed: Nobody likes waiting for a website to load, so you want a badge plugin that won’t slow down your site. Check reviews or ask other users about the plugin’s performance to ensure it doesn’t affect your website’s speed negatively. A fast-loading website keeps customers happy and encourages them to explore and buy more products.

User Reviews and Ratings: One of the best ways to gauge a plugin’s quality is by looking at what other users have to say about it. Take the time to read reviews and see how people rate the plugin based on their experiences. Positive reviews and high ratings indicate that the plugin is reliable and easy to use, while negative feedback can help you avoid potential problems.

By considering these factors—compatibility with WooCommerce, customization options, performance and speed, and user reviews and ratings—you can confidently choose the best product badge plugins for your online store. These plugins will help your products stand out, attract customers, and ultimately boost your sales.

5 Best Product Badge Plugins for WooCommerce

Here are 5 great WooCommerce badge plugins you can find right now. These plugins can make your products easier to see and help you sell more. Let’s check them out.

1. Product Badge Manager For WooCommerce

Product Badge Manager For WooCommerce, developed by Boomdevs, is a user-friendly tool designed to help you make your online store stand out and drive sales effortlessly. With this plugin, you can create as many product badges as you need and assign them to your WooCommerce products based on various factors such as category, attributes, terms, popularity, sales status, time, and stock availability. It’s super easy to use, even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

image BoomDevs

In the free version of the plugin, you can display badges on both single product pages and product catalog pages, ensuring that your customers see them wherever they’re browsing. You can also assign badges directly from the product settings, making it simple to manage badges for all your products. Plus, there’s a floating badge feature that lets you place badges on top of product images for maximum visibility.

If you opt for the pro version of Product Badge Manager For WooCommerce, you unlock even more powerful features. For instance, you can assign badges based on product attributes, variations, sales history, ratings, and even combinations of multiple variations. This gives you incredible flexibility in how you highlight your products and entice customers to make a purchase.

Additionally, the plugin offers advanced options like product filtering widgets by badge, making it easier for customers to find the products they’re interested in. And if you’re comfortable with coding, you can take advantage of extendable badge shortcodes to further customize your badge displays.

Key Features of Product Badge Manager For WooCommerce

Free Features:

  1. Show Badges Wherever You Want: Put badges on product pages and in catalog lists.
  2. Sort Products Easily: Organize products and assign badges based on their categories.
  3. Highlight Different Types of Products: Give badges based on the kind of product it is or who’s selling it.
  4. Quick Badge Assignment: Easily pick a badge for a product right from its settings.
  5. Catch Attention: Make badges float on top of product pictures to grab people’s eyes.

Pro Features:

  1. Get Specific with Badges: Choose badges based on specific features of your products.
  2. Fine-Tune with Attributes: Customize badges based on different qualities of your products.
  3. Cover All Versions: Give badges to different versions of the same product.
  4. Time-Sensitive Promotions: Set badges to show up only during certain times, like sales or holidays.
  5. Highlight Top Sellers: Let everyone know which products are selling the best.
  6. Keep Track of Stock: Use badges to show when a product is running low or back in stock.
  7. Show Off Ratings: Put badges on products with high ratings to show they’re popular.
  8. Mix and Match Criteria: Create unique badge rules using a mix of different product features.
  9. Easy Product Discovery: Let customers find products based on their badges.
  10. Filter Products by Badge: Make it easy for customers to search for products based on their badges.
  11. Extra Customization with Shortcodes: Extend the badge features using simple codes.

Overall, Product Badge Manager For WooCommerce is a versatile and effective tool for anyone running an online store with WooCommerce. Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce pro or just starting out, this plugin makes it easy to showcase your products in the best possible light and drive more sales.

2. YITH WooCommerce Badge Management

YITH WooCommerce Badge Management is a versatile plugin designed to enhance your online store and drive conversions effectively. It offers a wide range of badges from its library, including ready-to-use options for events like Black Friday and Christmas. With an intuitive builder, customization is a breeze—you can tweak every detail, from text to colors, and even schedule badges to automatically disable after promotions end. 

image 1 BoomDevs

The plugin also allows you to create custom rules for badge assignments based on product status, brand names, or technical specifications. 

Key Features of YITH WooCommerce Badge Management

  1. Custom Badges for Categories: Give each product category its own badge so customers can easily find what they’re looking for.
  2. Special Badges for Special Categories: Show off new arrivals, sale items, and featured products with special badges to grab attention.
  3. Easy Badge Customization: Change badge colors, text, and where they appear to match your store’s style and make them stand out.
  4. Automatic Badges: Save time by letting the plugin handle badge assignments automatically.
  5. Filter Products by Badges: Help customers find products by letting them filter based on badges, making shopping easier.
  6. Improved Product Pages: Make your product pages better by adding more badge features right on the front end.
  7. Simple Badge Shortcodes: Easily add badges to product pages and catalogs using simple shortcodes.
  8. Lots of Badge Positions: Choose from 20 different spots to put badges so they fit your store layout perfectly.
  9. Fun Tooltip Animations: Make badges more interactive with tooltip animations that give extra info when hovered over.
  10. Personalized Badge Images: Customize badge images to match your store’s look and feel effortlessly.
  11. Different Types of Badges: Use various badge types to show off different product features and deals.

By strategically adding badges to your WooCommerce products, you can draw attention to discounts, encourage purchases, and effectively implement your branding strategy. Whether you’re highlighting special offers or promoting specific product variations, YITH WooCommerce Badge Management empowers you to create eye-catching badges tailored to your store’s needs.

3. Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce by BeRocket offers a simple yet powerful solution for adding eye-catching badges or labels to your online store’s products. Whether you’re looking for a free or premium option, this plugin has you covered. With the free version, merchants can easily create and display engaging labels like “Free Shipping,” “On Sale,” or “Limited Edition,” while also applying conditional rules for hassle-free label management. The plugin’s customizable labels allow for complete control over style and content, ensuring they match your store’s branding perfectly. Plus, you can set custom label positions and create multiple labels for a single product, maximizing their effectiveness.

image 3 BoomDevs

In addition to the free version, Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce offers a premium option with even more features to enhance your product labeling strategy. With access to 30 CSS templates, 14 image templates, and 12 advanced templates, you can take your labels to the next level. 

The premium version includes labels based on product age, stock status, and sale price, as well as options for gradients, shadows, and label rotation. Whether you’re promoting discounts, showcasing special offers, or highlighting specific product attributes, this plugin provides the tools you need to increase sales and grab your audience’s attention effortlessly.

Key Features of Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce makes it simple to enhance your product labeling strategy with these easy-to-use features.

  1. Customize Labels Easily: Edit labels effortlessly by changing text, colors, and styles to make your products stand out.
  2. Create Multiple Labels: Make different labels for each product or use the same label for many products to promote them effectively.
  3. Access Templates: Choose from a variety of templates, including 14 image templates, 12 advanced templates, and 30 CSS templates with the pro version. Design your labels to match your store’s style effortlessly.

With Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce, anyone can create eye-catching labels to boost sales without any hassle.

4. Advanced Woo Labels

Advanced Woo Labels is a versatile plugin designed to enhance product visibility and promote offers effectively on your WooCommerce website. With its responsive design, this plugin allows you to create eye-catching labels that grab visitors’ attention and showcase amazing deals. Whether you want to highlight discounts, ratings, sale status, or shipping offers, Advanced Woo Labels makes it easy to customize labels to suit your products’ needs. You can generate unlimited labels for specific WooCommerce products and tailor them according to your preferences, ensuring they align perfectly with your branding and marketing strategy.

image 2 BoomDevs

This powerful WooCommerce plugin offers a range of customizable styles, allowing you to create labels that stand out and provide valuable information to shoppers. With options for text label shapes, color, font size, and opacity, you can easily create labels that match your website’s aesthetic. Advanced Woo Labels also supports label groups, enabling you to display multiple labels for a single product with unique alignment and priority settings. The plugin’s robust label conditions feature lets you create intricate rules based on product attributes, user conditions, or page conditions, ensuring that labels appear exactly where and when you want them.

Moreover, Advanced Woo Labels offers premium features that further enhance your labeling capabilities. With image labels, you can choose from predefined images or upload custom ones, including SVG images, to add visual appeal to your labels. The plugin also supports emojis within text labels, providing a playful touch to your product presentation. Additionally, the premium version introduces more advanced label displays based on user conditions, page conditions, and date conditions, allowing for greater specificity in label appearances. With a variety of text variables and stylistic options like borders, shadows, and shapes, Advanced Woo Labels empowers you to create compelling labels that drive sales and boost your business’s growth.

Key Features of Advanced Woo Labels

Advanced Woo Labels offers easy-to-use features to upgrade your product labeling game.

  1. Unlimited Label Styles: Create endless label variations with advanced styling options to make your products pop.
  2. Flexible Label Groups: Organize labels into groups and adjust settings to fit your needs perfectly.
  3. Conditional Label Application: Apply labels based on product details, page specifics, or user info for targeted promotion.
  4. Complex Label Rules: Mix and match conditions to create precise label rules for different scenarios.
  5. Customizable Styles: Personalize colors, fonts, and more to match your brand and make your products shine.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: Manage and preview labels easily with a simple admin panel and live previews.
  7. Premium Features: Enjoy extras like image labels and emoji support to add flair and personality to your labels.

With Advanced Woo Labels, anyone can create eye-catching labels to boost sales and make their store stand out.

5.Sold Out Badge for WooCommerce 

Sold Out Badge for WooCommerceis a helpful tool for anyone selling products online, especially if they’re unique or limited. It automatically adds a “Sold Out!” badge to product images when items are out of stock, so customers know they’re no longer available. 

image 4 BoomDevs

Whether you’re an artist, artisan, or run a real estate business, this plugin makes it easy to keep your website looking neat and professional. You can even customize the badge to match your website’s style, choosing the text, background color, and more. Overall, Sold Out Badge for WooCommerce is a simple yet effective way to manage out-of-stock products and keep your customers informed.

Key Features of Sold Out Badge for WooCommerce

Sold Out Badge for WooCommerce makes managing product availability simple with these user-friendly features:

  1. Customize Badge Text: Easily change the badge message to show if a product is “Sold Out,” “Out of Stock,” or “Coming Soon.”
  2. Match Your Website Theme: Pick a badge background color that fits seamlessly with your website’s look and feel.
  3. Easy-to-Read Text: Choose text colors that make the badge easy to see and understand.
  4. Adjust Font Size: Make sure the badge text is just the right size for your website design.
  5. Inform Customers: Keep customers informed with badges that clearly show when products are sold out.
  6. Backorder Support: Let customers know when products are available for backorder with clear badges.
  7. No Overlap Issues: Avoid clutter by hiding other badges, like “Sale,” when a product is sold out.

Sold Out Badge for WooCommerce helps you keep your customers in the loop about product availability without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. What are product badge plugins for WooCommerce?

Product badge plugins are tools that make your products look better in your online store. They add little badges or labels to your products to show things like “featured,” “on sale,” or “new.

Q-2.Why should I use product badge plugins in my WooCommerce store?

These plugins help your products stand out, catch people’s attention, and tell shoppers important info quickly. They can help you get more sales by making your store look more professional and organized.

Q-3. How do product badge plugins work?

You install the plugin on your WooCommerce store, and then you can easily add badges to your products. You can customize them to look how you want and decide which products get badges based on things like if they’re on sale or if they’re new.

Q-4.Can I customize the appearance of badges with these plugins?

Yes! Most plugins let you change the color, size, and style of your badges so they match your store’s look. You can make them fit in perfectly with your branding and design.

Q-5.Do these plugins work on mobile devices?

Yep! They’re designed to work on phones and tablets too. So, no matter what device someone is using to shop in your store, the badges will look good and work right.

Q-6. Are there any compatibility issues with these plugins and WooCommerce themes?

Usually not, but it’s good to check. Most plugins work well with popular WooCommerce themes, but it’s a good idea to make sure your theme and the plugin you want to use get along.

Q-7.Do I need coding skills to use product badge plugins?

Nope! These plugins are made to be easy to use. You can set them up and customize them without knowing how to code. But if you want to get fancy with the customization, a little coding knowledge might help.

Q-8. Can I track how well the badges are doing on my products?

Some plugins offer tools to track how often people click on the badges or if they help sell more products. It’s like having a little dashboard to see how well your badges are working.

Q-9.Are these plugins regularly updated and supported by developers?

Yep! Good plugins get updates regularly to make sure they keep working with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress. And if you need help or have questions, the developers are usually there to help.

Q-10.How do I choose the best product badge plugin for my WooCommerce store?

Look for one that’s easy to use, matches your store’s style, and has good reviews from other users. Try a few different ones to see which one you like best and which has the features you need.


In wrapping up, choosing the right product badge plugin for your WooCommerce store is super important. It can really help your products stand out, boost sales, and make shopping easier for your customers. With lots of different plugins to choose from, each with its own cool features, you have the chance to make your store even better. Whether you’re highlighting your best products, showing off sales, or teasing new items, these plugins give you the power to communicate with your customers and encourage them to buy. By picking the right plugin and using its features like customizable badges and analytics, you can make your store more successful. So, check out the options and consider giving Shoptimizer a try to take your store to the next level.

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