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Dear Sir,

Upon our investigation, we did not encounter this problem, as the badges are still visible even after the plugin update. For your reference, we have provided a video demonstration showcasing this. >> https://vimeo.com/858886867/fd23449c27

Furthermore, we noticed that there might be a disparity in badge sizes due to custom CSS that was implemented for batch sizing. To ensure uniformity in badge sizes, we recommend adjusting the badge dimensions through the settings page.

In addition, it came to our attention that individual badges have been assigned to each product manually. We would like to suggest a more efficient approach by utilizing the category badge settings, which would allow you to apply badges based on categories, streamlining the process.

Lastly, regarding your recent inquiry via email, I regret to inform you that at present, organizing badge positions according to your specific preferences is not within the current capabilities of the system. However, our development team is consistently working to enhance the plugin’s features, and I’ll be sure to communicate your request to them for consideration in future updates.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Best regards,

Shamiul Bishal
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