Reply To: Don’t see the badges on Woo products lists & Woo products carousels


Hello Rublel,

You and your team are fantastic! Thank you so so so much, it works perfectly for the Elementor Addon widgets now 😀 You are the best!

However, I thought that if the code fixed for these widgets, that it will then work for any “product archive/list” widgets but I noticed that on the marketplace pages like this one: that use The Plus Elementor product list widget, we can still not see the badges :/

Could you kindly help me with this matter? I only use these 3 widgets for products archives so I won’t have more requests on this matter 🙂

Then I will just need to discuss with finance to get a budget for the custom taxonomy project I discuss with Shamiul Bishal 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Thank you and your team again for your incredible work,
Best regards,

Sophie 2e
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