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In this post, We’ll go through some of the best WordPress menu plugins. We all know how important a website’s menu section is. That’s why it must also be appealing. However, the style of our menu isn’t always appealing to us because the default menu style of the theme isn’t always attractive.

So We may need to depend on a third-party plugin for a better menu. That’s why we’ve come up with a list to help you in finding the best WordPress menu plugin for your theme. We have divided our list into two categories.

  1. Best WordPress Menu Plugins for Mobile Devices 
  2. Best WordPress Menu Plugins for Mega Menu 

We understand that not everyone needs a mega menu for their website. However, some people want a fashionable mega menu for their website. So, we decided to take a look at both the mobile menu and mega menu plugins. You can also use the table of contents to find the section you’re looking for.

Best WordPress menu plugins for mobile devices 

Many plugins are available that provide a beautiful menu layout on both mobile and desktop. However, we have selected 12 Menu plugins. All of those plugins come with several additional features.

#1 WordPress Menu Plugin — Superfly Responsive Menu

1 WordPress Menu Plugin — Superfly Responsive Menu. BoomDevs

In our list, the 1st one is Superfly. It provides an innovative way to compliment menu bars and works well with your custom menu. So now you can use your imagination to make your menus easy to navigate on a desktop or mobile device. Superfly is a responsive WordPress plugin that creates your choice of vertical push/sliding/static navigation, icon toolbar, or fullscreen menu. It uses cutting-edge technologies to create attractive, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly interfaces!

  • Live Editor
  • Import/Export option 
  • Submenu nav
  • Panel Design 
  • Various menu modes.
  • 100% Responsive.
  • Multiple menu sources.
  • Cosy admin panel. 

#2 Hero Menu – Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

#2 Hero Menu - Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

The Hero Menu is the next item on our list. It will help you to design a professional, responsive menu quickly and effortlessly. This plugin will always assist you, whether you want a Mega menu or a primary menu.
This plugin’s menu also allows you to add your own products. This menu offers an easy-to-use user interface, regardless of how much WordPress experience you have. It could possibly be the one you use for your WordPress menu.

  • woocommerce Enabled
  • Intuitive User Interface 
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Sticky menu option 
  • Fully Responsive
  • Fully Color Customizable 
  • Mega Menu Builder 

#3 WP Responsive Menu

3 WP Responsive Menu 1 BoomDevs

This easy plugin quickly adds a highly adjustable responsive menu bar to any WordPress site and allows you to customize and grow your site. There is no need to touch any code with the WP Responsive Menu because they have done that too. That way, once you decide on what layout and color scheme suits your site best, you’ll be up and running in minutes without having to worry about damaging something else.

  • Free Version Avalable 
  • Easy to customize.
  • Allows setting the open menu direction.
  • Comes in two different display options.
  • Flexibility to add a search box.
  • Integrates flawlessly with WooCommerce.
  • Better Support for RTL sites. 

#4 WP Mobile Menu – The Mobile-Friendly Responsive Menu

#4 WP Mobile Menu – The Mobile-Friendly Responsive Menu

WP Mobile Menu is the WordPress plugin for all your mobile needs. It has an intuitive interface that can be selected by anyone because there are no coding requirements. Even non-technical users will have no problem dabbling in it. WP Mobile Menu works with any responsive theme and provides you with a completely custom menu experience for your visitors. The plugin is responsive, meaning it’ll work for your visit on both tablets and smartphones, no matter what site theme you’re using! Extra features include an easy navigation system for your menu items with options like top-level menus, mega menus, hidden menus.

  • Free Version
  • 3 Depth Menu Level
  • Background image for the menus
  • Header Live Search
  • Animated Icons
  • Import/Export options
  • Woocommerce Capability
  • And much more 

#5 Slickmenu

5 Slickmenu BoomDevs

Slickmenu is our next plugin, which allows you to design menus easily.
They also have a live preview option which you may find useful. They also have 14 hamburger animations. It also works well with almost any theme. They used advanced menu caching techniques that will make the menu load as fast as possible.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Background Images
  • Unlimited Levels
  • Background Videos
  • Animations
  • Scroll To Section
  • Animated Hamburgers

#6 Touchy – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin

#6 Touchy - WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin

Touchy is designed with smartphones in mind, built for speed and ease of use whether you are on a desktop or mobile. This lightweight WordPress plugin features a call button, e-mail button, integrated search feature, logo location right under your app icon, where you can easily update your image with the corresponding Touchy settings wizard without any coding knowledge required. With an easy-to-navigate back button and a dropdown menu that automatically adjusts to overflowed content areas.

  • Made for Small Screens 
  • Lightweight
  • Wildly Customizable 
  • Work with any Theams 
  • Live Customizer
  • Optionally display on specified resolutions only
  • Well reviewed 

Best WordPress menu plugins for mega menu 

#7 Groovy Mega Menu – Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

#7 Groovy Mega Menu - Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

The Groovy Mega Menu – Responsive WP plugin is a fantastic new menu plugin for WordPress. This mega menu features multifaceted navigation that enables you to design your site with any kind of a menu selection. You can set up pre-made designs from the Header Library or drag your own widgets into one of the blocks under this top-level widget.

  • Have Online Presets Library 
  • Compatible with Page builder 
  • Responsive 
  • Many Header Layouts 
  • Vertical Menu Layouts
  • Creating Mega Menu with Popular Page Builder 
  • 18 Pre Made Presets
  • RTL & WPML Ready 
  • Unlimited Header 

#8 Hero Menu – Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

8 Hero Menu Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin BoomDevs

The next one is Hero Menu. It is a responsive menu plugin. You can create a sleek and professional mega menu in just a few easy steps that look great on the newest smartphones and tablets. Due to features like touch events, smooth animations, instantaneous loading of menus when opened, and responsiveness feature that work based on your user’s screen size or device orientation.

  • Intuitive User Interface 
  • Drag And Drop Features 
  • Sticky Menu 
  • Fully Responsive 
  • Mega Menu Builder 
  • Tested with Many Popular Themes

#9 WP Mega Menu Pro – Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

9 WP Mega Menu Pro Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress BoomDevs

The next plugin on our list is Wp Mega Menu Pro. It is a Premium WordPress responsive menu plugin, which can be used to create an intuitive and functional mega menu for any website. This powerful plugin allows you to control all of your menus and their parts independently.
It is also easy to assemble.

  • Fully Responsive & Mobile
  • 14 Pre-Available Templates
  • 10 Advanced Mega Menu 
  • Drag & Drop Features on Megamenu 
  • Sticky Mega Menu 
  • 400+ Menu Icons 

#10 Mega Main Menu – WordPress Menu Plugin

10 Mega Main Menu WordPress Menu Plugin BoomDevs

Mega Main Menu is a WordPress mega menu plugin that is totally responsive and customizable, and it will definitely assist you in creating the best user experience possible. Mega Main Menu’s configurable menus allow your users to pick what they want to see on their screens without losing clarity. Furthermore, this powerful plugin allows displaying any content in dropdowns extremely simple, like links, text, photos, widgets, and shortcodes.

  • Well Documented 
  • Responsive
  • Fully customizable
  • 10+ Dropdowns combinations
  • 1600+ Vector Icons.
  • WPML & RTL Compatible.

#11 Max Mega Menu

11 Max Mega Menu BoomDevs

It converts any existing menus into a mega menu, with added functionality you’ve always dreamed of. With just a few clicks, this plugin allows you to edit the theme stylesheet and change how it functions too.
You can create beautiful WordPress layouts in minutes using their built-in designer, which is great if you want something unique to impress your customers with. You don’t have to be an expert at using code so anyone can make their site look brilliant!

  • Free Version Available
  • Built-in Off-Canvas Mobile Menu 
  • Responsive 
  • Option to hide sub-menus on mobile
  • Supports Multiple menu locations
  • Display Widgets in Menu 
  • Supports Flyout

#12 WordPress Mega Menu – QuadMenu

12 WordPress Mega Menu – QuadMenu BoomDevs

QuadMenu takes your existing menu and makes them better by giving you more capabilities. Not only do they add new, exciting customizable options for the menu, but it’s also so easy to use. You can simply design a layout with eye-catching colors and horizontal or vertical mega menus that can work on any screen size without worrying about responsiveness.

  • Have A Free Version
  • Offer Simple & Automatic Integration From Simple Menu to Megamenu.
  • Fully Responsive 
  • Drag & Drop Features
  • Support for child themes
  • Support for Visual Composer
  • And more 


Finally, we’ve come to the conclusion of this article. You are able to choose any of them to your choice. We’ve also included a few free plugins. If you’re interested in our recommendations, then we will suggest that you should take into consideration between #1 and #2 if you simply want a menu that works perfectly on mobile devices.
And if you want extra features, such as a mega menu, consider the #7 and #8 option. However, we can ensure that all of the plugins we’ve featured are the best available options for you and your website.
Please let me know if you require any more assistance in the comments section.

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