Activating WP AI CoPilot Pro License

Activating WP AI CoPilot Pro License Steps to Activate: Access Dashboard: Log into your WordPress site and go to the dashboard. Navigate to Settings: Find and click on “Settings” in the dashboard menu. Go to License Section: Select “WP AI CoPilot Pro License” from the settings menu to open the license activation page. Enter License […]

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12. Spotlight Search

Streamline your WordPress control center with Spotlight Search. Search, access, and save time with an integrated search feature. Usage: Set a hotkey for quick access to the search feature. Search and access all of your WordPress settings directly from the search results.

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11. Passwordless Temporary Login

This feature allows the creation of temporary admin accounts with direct link logins. Usage: Create links that enable temporary logins with customized settings. Access this option via a new menu item, “Temp Login,” in your WordPress dashboard.

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10. Headers And Footers Inserter

Enable this feature to add code snippets to the header and footer of your WordPress website without relying on third-party plugins. Usage: After enabling this option, you will find a new feature in your WordPress dashboard called “Snippets.” Add custom code for headers and footers without the need for additional plugins.

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9. User Switching

9. User Switching This feature allows quick switching between different user accounts on your WordPress site. Usage: Especially useful if you have multiple admin accounts. Easily switch between accounts for efficient management. Facilitates tasks like content editing, website maintenance, and user management.

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8. WP Admin Login URL Changer

Secure your WordPress site by changing the login URL for your admin login page. Usage: Enable this option and input your preferred login URL prefix. Enhance the security of your WordPress site by making it more challenging for unauthorized users to access the login page.

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7. Bulk Theme Remover

This feature allows you to delete multiple WordPress themes in bulk. Usage: After enabling this option, go to Appearance → Themes → Bulk Theme Delete. Easily manage and clean up your themes without manual deletions.

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6. Post/Page Duplicator

Enable the duplication of posts and pages directly from the post/page list. Usage: After enabling this option, navigate to the post or page list. You will find a duplication option, no matter what type of post it is.

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5. Username Changer

5. Username Changer Overcome the limitation of WordPress not allowing username edits. This option empowers users to edit their usernames and change them repeatedly. Usage: To change your username, go to User → Profile → Edit Username. Enhance your website’s security and personalization.

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