WooCommerce Product Badge manager lets you create unlimited badges and assign them to your WooCommerce product based on category, attributes, terms, popularity, sale, time, stocks etc and also filter products archive using badges.

Easy Installation & Setup

Setuping Woo Product Badge Manager is very straightforward and you can set up everything in less than 5 minutes.

Create Unlimited Badge

There is no limit to create a badge. You can create as many you wish and add to your shop products.

Show Badge On Product Catalogue

You can show badge inside your product in catalogue pages like ( shop, archive, relative products etc )

Show Badge On Single Product Page

You can enable or disable whether to show the badges on product single page or not.

15+ Different Position To Show Badge

You have 15+ option to choose from and decide where do you want to show badges in your products.

Floating Badge Top Of Product Image

You can show floating badge list top of product image in both product single page and catelogue pages.

Live Preview For Badge Positioning

You can see the live preview of your badge position top of product image from the settings panel.

Assign Badge Based On Category

You can assign multiple categories to a badge and that badge will be displayed in the products with the selected categories.

Assign Badge Based On Attributes

You can assign product attributes to a badge and that badge will be displayed in the products with the selected attributes. ex: ( size, color )

Assign Badge Based On Attributes Values

You can assign multiple attributes values to a badge and that badge will be displayed in the products with the selected terms.

Assign Badge Based On Seller

You can assign sellers to a badge and that badge will be displayed in the products published by the selected sellers.

Assign Badge Based On Time

You can assign badge by comparing product publishing time like product published in 24 hours, a day ago etc.

Assign Badge Based On Sales

You can show badge based on a products sales count. Ex: Product sold more than 100 times.

Assign Badge Based On Rating

You can show badge based on product rating and rating range.

Assign Badge Based On Stock

You can show badge based on stock quantity and also use a badge as default out of stock badge.

Show Badge Based On Multiple Conditions

You can use all the above conditions ( rating, time, sales, stocks etc ) together to show a badge.

Assign Badge Directly From Product

You can assign multiple badges directly from the product edit page. This overrides every condition and displays the badge.

Exclude Badge From Product

You can choose to hide a badge directly form the product edit page. This overrides every condition and hides the badge.

Products Archive Based On Badge

WPBM extends WooCommerce to show products archive based on the badge with native theme UI.

Product Filtering Based On Badge

Your user can filter products using badges using badge filter widget or by clicking on a single badge.

Extendable Badge Shortcode

You can hide badge visibility and use the extendable shortcode to show badges on your preferred positions.

Badge Filter Widget

WPBM ships with pre-made badge filter widget that you can use inside your shop widget area and allow your users to filter products.

Powerful Admin Settings

WPBM ships with a very powerful admin panel that you can use to customize almost everything.

Get Update Notification From The Dashboard

You will see an instant notification in your dashboard whenever there is a new update of WPBM.