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Robert & Meaders Ozarow started Empire Baking Co. in 1992 to provide Dallas with natural, locally made bread. For both retail and wholesale customers, Empire strives to produce products of the highest integrity.


BoomDevs collaborated with Empirebaking to create a streamlined order management system for their baking company. Leveraging WordPress and WooCommerce, BoomDevs successfully developed a website that allows different users to place orders for a week, and after verification by the admin, the orders are processed and prepared for shipment. This case study provides insights into the project background, objectives, key features, technical challenges, and the successful outcomes achieved through the development of Empirebaking’s website.

Project Background

Empirebaking sought to enhance its order management process and improve efficiency in its baking operations. They required a website that would enable different users to place orders for a week, followed by verification by the admin to ensure accurate quantity and product selection. BoomDevs took on the challenge of creating a user-friendly website that streamlines the order management process and facilitates efficient shipment preparation.


The primary objectives of the Empirebaking project were:

Develop a website that allows users to place orders a week in advance, simplifying the order management process for both customers and the baking company.

Implement an intuitive interface that enables users to select products, specify quantities, and choose preferred delivery dates.

Provide an administrative dashboard for order verification and quantity checks to ensure accurate fulfillment.

Streamline the shipment preparation process, ensuring timely delivery and maintaining product freshness.

Optimize the website for search engines to increase visibility and attract a wider customer base.

Key Features and Functionality

Empirebaking’s website offers a range of key features and functionality, including:

Order Placement: Users can select products, specify quantities, and choose preferred delivery dates a week in advance.

User Accounts: Customers can create accounts to manage their order history, delivery addresses, and personal preferences.

Order Verification: The admin has access to an administrative dashboard to review and verify orders, ensuring accurate quantity and product selection.

Shipment Preparation: Once the orders are verified, the baking company prepares the products for shipment, ensuring freshness and timely delivery.

Payment Processing: The website integrates secure payment processing, allowing customers to make online payments for their orders.

Technical Challenges

The development of Empirebaking’s website presented several technical challenges for the BoomDevs team:

Order Management System: Implementing a robust order management system that allows users to place orders in advance, verifies orders by the admin, and prepares shipments demanded meticulous planning and development.

Quantity and Verification Checks: Ensuring accurate quantity checks and verification by the admin to avoid errors in fulfillment required careful implementation and rigorous testing.

Shipment Preparation and Logistics: Developing an efficient system for shipment preparation and coordination with logistics providers to ensure the timely delivery of fresh products involved technical complexities.

Results and Outcomes

The collaborative efforts of the BoomDevs team resulted in the successful launch of Empirebaking’s website, delivering remarkable results and outcomes:

Streamlined Order Management: The website simplified the order management process, allowing users to place orders in advance and ensuring accurate verification and fulfillment by the admin.

Enhanced User Experience: Customers enjoyed a user-friendly interface that facilitated seamless order placement, account management, and online payment processing.

Efficient Shipment Preparation: The integration of shipment preparation processes with logistics providers resulted in the timely delivery of fresh products to customers.

Future Growth and Expansion

The successful development and launch of Empirebaking’s website pave the way for future growth and expansion:

Customer Loyalty Programs: Empirebaking can introduce customer loyalty programs to reward frequent customers and incentivize repeat orders.

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting: Implementing advanced analytics and reporting capabilities can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, order patterns, and product popularity, enabling data-driven decision-making and targeted marketing strategies.

Integration with Inventory Management Systems: Empirebaking can explore integrating its website with inventory management systems to automate stock updates, improve inventory control, and streamline fulfillment processes.

Expansion of Product Offering: The platform can consider expanding its product offering to include additional baked goods, catering to a wider range of customer preferences and increasing revenue opportunities.


The development of Empirebaking’s order management system by the BoomDevs team demonstrates their expertise in custom website development, leveraging WordPress and WooCommerce to create a streamlined platform for the baking company. By prioritizing order efficiency, implementing robust features, and overcoming technical challenges, BoomDevs successfully enhanced the order management and shipment preparation processes, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency for Empirebaking. Empirebaking’s website stands as a testament to BoomDevs’ commitment to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients in the food industry, leveraging their technical prowess and creativity to drive meaningful impact and success.

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